Marble & Granite

We encounter surfaces made of natural stone – such as marble and granite – every day. It often starts at home in the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen or the garden. Natural stone tiles are also common in shopping centers, entrance of an office buildings, gas stations or hotels. Often a shiny natural stone tile has been chosen for that beautiful and chic look. After all, nobody wants an ugly anti-slip tile with ridges or profiles in a beautiful building.

However, this choice is at the expense of the anti-slip value of the chosen natural stone tile. As long as the surface is dry, nothing is wrong. But as soon as the natural stone tiles get wet due to wet shoes, cleaning activities and/or weather conditions, the many yellow signs with “Wet-Fall hazard” prove that the anti-slip value of these tiles leaves much to be desired. GripFactory is the anti-slip specialist and offers the best anti-slip solution for natural stone surfaces with the highest possible anti-slip value while retaining the appearance of your natural stone tile floor.

You can choose a GRIPcoating or a GRIPliquid. Anti-slip solutions that make slipping on natural stone (marble & granite) surfaces a thing of the past.

Anti-slip solutions for marble & granite


Grip Factory Anti Slip Products for Sale Australia
Grip Factory Anti Slip Products for Sale Australia
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