How slippery are your tiles?

Hi from the crew at GripFactory!

So, have you ever wondered just how slippery your tiles are? Well, we at GripFactory Australia recently got down to business and ran a bunch of wet pendulum tests to see how effective our ULTRAGRIP anti-slip liquid really is.

Now, you might be wondering, what the heck is a wet pendulum test? It’s basically the go-to method here in Australia for testing how slippery a floor is. We clean our tile samples, hand them over for testing, and then watch as a swinging arm slides over the wet tile to measure the slipperiness (or coefficient of friction, if you want to get technical).

After treating the tiles with our trusty ULTRAGRIP solution, letting it sit for a bit, and giving everything a good clean, we ran the tests again. And boy, were we blown away by the results!

Before the treatment, the tiles scored an average coefficient of friction of 21, giving them a P1 rating. But after the ULTRAGRIP treatment, that number shot up to an average of 42, earning a high P3 rating. Talk about a massive improvement, right?

ULTRAGRIP is a game-changer, folks. It’s affordable, it won’t mess with the look or feel of your tiles, and it seriously boosts their slip resistance when they’re wet. Plus, it’s durable, so you can enjoy that extra grip for years to come.

Stay safe, and keep those tiles slip-free!

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