Polyester or polyester surfaces are frequently used for shower trays, bathtubs, boat decks and starting blocks in the swimming pool. It is a material that gives a nice look to the end product. The anti-slip value / skid resistance value of a polyester surfaces often leaves much to be desired, so that the substrate can lead to dangerous situations as soon as it gets wet. Slipping in the bathroom is one of the most common accidents in and around the house.

Many people choose to put an anti-slip mat in the shower tray or bathtub. However, this solution is not the most ideal solution due to stumbling danger and the lack of hygiene. GripFactory is the anti-slip specialist and offers the best anti-slip solution for polyester surfaces with the highest possible anti-slip value. You can choose a GRIPcoating or a GRIPtape. Anti-slip solutions that make slipping on polyester surfaces a thing of the past.

Anti-slip solutions for slippery surfaces of Polyester


Grip Factory Anti Slip Products for Sale Australia
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